Areta credits her faith in God and family in completing Postgraduate studies


Following the completion of her Postgraduate Diploma in Agriculture (Animal Science) and graduating from The University of the South Pacific (USP), Ms Faatoialemanu Areta owes all her achievements and success to God and her parents.

Ms Areta said, “I owe it all to God. He has been the beacon of light and guidance throughout my life, I also dedicate this achievement to my parents for their great and endless support”.

For Ms Areta, the tremendous support from the staff and her mentors at USP helped her in navigating through her postgraduate studies, especially at the height of COVID-19.

“I am forever grateful for their help and the times they dedicated for me to meet and discuss despite their busy schedule. I gained amazing friends for life that have also become part of my family,” she added.

During her student life, Ms Areta loved how connected all the students were since everyone had common goals and this created an atmosphere of liveliness and passion when they had discussions and study sessions.

She said having an inquisitive mind and becoming a critical thinker was what helped keep her motivated. She also considers herself to be a visual learner and her walls, mirrors, and even ceilings were lined with sticky notes to ensure that she would be reading something relevant to her lessons.

She is encouraging young people that reading regularly in their free time in a quiet place was also an effective study strategy. She also advises them to choose a meaningful change and work towards it day by day and to never forget to believe in themselves.


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