Beulah Adventist College Year 13 Graduate to pursue Law studies at USP


The University of the South Pacific (USP) wishes to congratulate all 2022 Year 13 Tongan students as they receive their Tonga National Form Seven Certificate results. 

Malakai Faka’anaua Kihe Lotu Vaka was one of the Year 13 students at Beulah Adventist College in Vaini, Tongatapu who wishes to pursue a Bachelor of Law at USP, Laucala Campus this year. 


The 18-year-old student always knew that USP would be the choice of institution to pursue further studies at, as he has a goal to become a lawyer.


“I know that USP has a very high standard when it comes to quality education, and it is evident in its graduates,” he said. 


Faka’anaua added that the regional institution is equipped with standard resources and highly qualified and experienced educators and the Laucala Campus in Fiji and has always been a few steps ahead of the other tertiary institutions in Tonga. 


“I have been rating USP highly. I live in a country where people are fond of degrading others and talking behind their backs rather than cheering them on to pursue tertiary education and secure quality jobs. I wanted to change that narrative in the community I live in and going to USP this year can motivate me to be an agent of change in my society,” he stressed. 


Beulah Adventist College Year 13 Teacher, Mr Jonacani Mataitoga said most Tongans including the students for the first time in their life witnessed the destructive Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai eruption in January last year. 


He said the eruption earlier last year somehow affected the psycho-social well-being of the students and in turn affect their concentration and understanding inside the classroom. 


“The majority of the students were traumatized after the explosion. This has affected their study inside the classroom. But I salute the teachers for handling them in a professional manner which enabled them to slowly adjust to the new norm within the school compound. Two events came at one time, the COVID-19 lockdown, and the volcanic eruption,” Mr Mataitoga stated. 


Teachers expected an average result for all external examinations and according to Mr Mataitoga, the Education Ministry in Tonga made minor adjustments to the curriculum compared to other Pacific Island countries where a whole new approach was taken towards the learning methodology, school terms, and curriculum. 


“Despite those challenges, we were encouraged to continue using the normal curriculum and try to finish the syllabus or coverage on time which was difficult given the time frame before our students sat for their external exams,” he said. 


Mr Mataitoga said a few of his Year 13 students from Beulah Adventist have planned to join the prestigious regional institution this year and as a proud USP alumnus, he has encouraged them to apply and enroll with the institution. 


“My students also say the difference is clear when they compare USP and other higher education institutions in the island kingdom and most of them wanted to join USP because of the variety of courses offered which would assist them to secure decent employment,” he added. 


Mr Mataitoga has also acknowledged the Lord for his guidance and provision to all teachers and students in Tonga and has urged parents of these students to appreciate the results attained by their children. 


Meanwhile, USP’s admissions are now open. New applicants or those resuming studies can now apply for admission for Semester 1, 2023. For more information or academic counselling, visit the USP Tonga Campus or contact the Campus Director at or for Ha’apai Centre or for Vava’u Centre and +676 29055; 29240.

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