Brent, a gold medalist, battles against all odds in life


“When you are working and studying simultaneously, the challenges are equal to the weight of 10 elephants on your back every day,” says Brent Tari.

Brent Tari received a gold medal in Bachelor of Education (Primary) and graduated with a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDED) from the Emalus Campus graduation ceremony held on June 17 in Vanuatu.

“Preparing lesson plans to teach daily with weekly forum posts and assignments is challenging. I discovered that time management is essential. Getting things out of the way makes things easy. Setting your priorities right enables you to manage your better time,” said Brent.

He said that attaining another level is a magnificent step yet brings forth challenges that differ from the past.

“Entering into a work environment where inclusion is a challenge, for instance, enables one to be resilient to encounter such constraints. No man is born wise; it’s time commitment and perseverance that matters to become successful in your studies, even to be a gold medalist,” reiterated Brent.

He mentioned that online studying is enjoyable and reliable.

“Even though there are few hiccups at the start when students are accustomed to this study platform, it makes things easier for every scholar since the lecturers and course coordinators become more attentive,” added Brent.

He said, “This achievement is for my parents, spouse and children, friends, sponsors and above all, the glory is given to the highest God for the wisdom, knowledge and understanding bestowed to me”.

Brent said that learning about different cultures during cultural events at the University and forming study bubbles with friends from other countries are privileges that he always embraces.

His advise to students is to always think positively about their studies, and believe that they can accomplish their dreams.

“Don’t compare yourself with others, yet do not isolate yourself; teamwork through group discussions is paramount; get things out of the way rather than hustling through at the last minute with assignments. Avoid procrastination. Always seeks God’s guidance,” he added.

He is currently pursuing his Master of Arts in Education and looking forward to graduating in June 2024.

The graduation ceremony saw 337 graduates receive their certificates.

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