Brother receives late graduate’s degree


It was an emotional and proud moment for the late Josaia Usumaki’s family, as they attended his graduation during The University of the South Pacific’s graduation ceremony.

Josaia passed away a month before his graduation unexpectedly after suffering from a heart condition for some time. Josaia’s brother, an emotional Leone Tawake received his certificate while his proud parents watched on.

The late Josaia graduated with a Bachelor’s in Geography and History from the School of Agriculture, Geography, Environment, Ocean, and Natural Sciences (SAGEONS).

Leone remarked that Josaia had made his entire family proud and that, “We can confidently say he has done it and achieved his dream on earth”.

Whilst collecting Josaia’s certificate, Leone broke into tears. “Just last month he (Josaia) was asking everyone in his family to attend his graduation”.

Leone added Josaia was the family’s baby and everyone adored him unconditionally. Leone said that God’s plan was different, and he would now fulfil his brother’s dream of providing for the entire family.

“I know he is happy today because he always wanted to graduate and always told us to come to his graduation,” Leone said.

He added his brother was always eager to learn and achieve success in life.

Leone stated that they were not from a wealthy family and as brothers they wanted to change that.

“There were times when we did not have enough money to buy food or to travel.

“Despite the difficulties, my brother and I knew that a brighter future awaited us. Now I’ll be living my brother’s dream.”

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