Chand grateful for USP’s support in his academic journey


Support is critical to a student’s success in their field of study. Many students thrive as a result of the assistance they receive while pursuing their studies.

Samlesh Vimal Chand is one of the many students who is grateful for the assistance he received during his time at USP where he completed his Bachelor of Science majoring in Mathematics and Physics, as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Education and a Postgraduate Diploma in Mathematics.

Despite learning that he might lose his sight by 2020, he did not give up hope and continued to excel in education. He persisted, earning a gold medal from USP for achieving outstanding results in the Postgraduate Diploma in Mathematics programme.

Mr Chand said that studying at USP contributed to his growth. He would not have been able to fulfil his dream of attaining a gold medal had USP not offered its COHORT programme in 2018.

The Mathematics and Physics teacher at Ba Sangam College who has 17 years of experience in the teaching field said, USP became his saviour by offering the COHORT programme at its Lautoka Campus.

“When I resumed my studies after the treatment and the COHORT had finished by then, I got an opportunity from USP to complete my final unit through zoom lectures which were broadcast from Laucala Campus,” Mr Chand explained.

Mr Chand also got an opportunity to be part of the research team at USP, headed by the Associate Professor of Mathematics at USP, Dr Bibhya Sharma whom he describes as his inspiration and motivation. He even had a journal and a research paper published in the same year as he was passionate to fulfil his dream.

“I did my exam to my level best and continued with my writing with the help of Dr Bibhya Sharma who kept me motivated. The motivation from him, Dr Kaylash Chaudhary, Lecturer in Computing Science at USP and a few of my other close ones kept me going,” he added.

He hopes to inspire youths and children through his story that giving up is not the only option as every problem has a solution. He wants them to realise the importance of commitment to fulfilling one’s dream.

Mr Chand plans to further pursue his Master’s in Robotics at USP.

Meanwhile, enrolments for Semester 2, 2022 continue with classes for this semester beginning on 15 August.

USP has also facilitated online enrolments and registrations while also providing financial payment plans for students concerned about their fees.

This semester, USP is offering the following fee discounts:
– 10 per cent discount for full fee payment by 26 August 2022; and
-5 per cent discount for full fee payment by 9 September 2022.

There are also payment plan options available together with the University’s Bursary Scheme for existing students.

USP has also opened its application for all Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Master’s programmes until 11 August 2022 to enable students to enrol for Semester 2 and online registrations have also begun.



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