COVID-19 Vaccination Drive a Success


USP’s Campus Life recently carried out a second COVID-19 vaccination drive and received a huge turnout from the University community.

The vaccination drive was organised for on-campus students/staff only, who had the opportunity to receive their second dose.

Alfred Anthony, Acting General Manage Campus Life, said they were pleased to see a great turnout.

He said that Campus Life is now planning to arrange another vaccination drive in early October to ensure that Laucala Campus returns to some form of normalcy as we build to hopefully re-opening the Campus in the new year.

Roreen Dayal, Activities Coordinator Campus Life said that the COVID-19 pandemic is an unforeseen circumstance. The University aims to achieve herd immunity through vaccination.

“With this in mind, flattening the transmission and reducing mortality in every context is a vital process,” she said.

“In a nutshell, the vaccination drive is a great accomplishment for USP, as we assist the USP community in a smooth transition of this immunisation phase and to reach out to as many staff and students as possible in the fight against COVID 19 virus.”

Bachelor of Science (BSC) student from Tonga, Nau Fa’u, said she got vaccinated to go back to her home country to see her family.

“When you get vaccinated, it benefits you to fight against this virus and a less chance to get the virus and  we can open the campus,” said the third-year student.

Tuala Lula Lula, Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM) second-year student, said she got vaccinated to keep her safe from the deadly virus.

“I want to continue with my face-to-face classes in our Campus and hopefully to return home to Samoa,” she said.

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