CPEM consultations end on a high note


The two-day Conference of Pacific Education Ministers (CPEM) consultations at Novotel, Nadi, concluded on a high note last week.

With representatives from PacREF, Papua New Guinea Department of Education, and Pacific Regional Education Framework (PacREF) Implementing Agencies, Day 2 was marked by collaboration and a commitment to organising a successful CPEM 2025.

Delegates engaged in robust discussions, sharing best practices and exploring opportunities for cross-border cooperation.

Amid the dynamic discussions of CPEM consultations, there is an undeniable excitement surrounding the forthcoming hosting of CPEM by Papua New Guinea (PNG).

This adds a new level of anticipation and significance to the deliberations, as delegates look forward to experiencing PNG’s rich cultural tapestry and educational landscape firsthand.

PNG Department of Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombra said the team had gained valuable insights into the preparations for CPEM in Papua New Guinea in 2025.

He expressed gratitude for the productive discussions that had taken place over the past two days. Dr Kombra also emphasised the importance of the forum in facilitating dialogue and collaboration among Pacific nations.

“CPEM is a critical forum in our region. We have challenges, and we also have a lot of lessons that we can learn from each other to progress the development of education in our region. And this is a forum where our political leaders come together to discuss common issues and challenges, find solutions, and discuss how we can solve many of these challenges we have in progressing education development in our region,” he said.

PNG Department of Education, Quality Assurance Unit’s Acting Director, Ms Regina Mabia, echoed similar sentiments.

“The consultations were timely for us as the host country for the upcoming 2025 forum. The discussions were beneficial, with more clarity on the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders, as we collaborate closely with the PFU Secretariat to advance the planning and preparations towards hosting the next CPEM in PNG,” she said.

“We are excited for another opportunity given to us by the region’s leaders to host this important event. We are optimistic and certainly know that with the strong leadership at the country level, we will stage a successful event next year (in March).”

Dr Uke Kombra also said he looked forward to PNG hosting the CPEM next year.

“We are looking forward to receiving every participant from every country in the Pacific, the ministers as well as the chief of education, or heads of the education systems, as we in Papua New Guinea would like to have the honour to showcase our country, our education system, our people and the culture. So we all invite you to come to Papa New Guinea in 2025.”

He reiterated the importance of collaboration and solidarity among Pacific nations in working towards a brighter future for education in the region.

PacREF Facilitating Unit Coordinator, Mr Filipe Jitoko, said that with PNG having an extensive education system, Pacific Island Countries would be able to gain insights into the progress of education in the region.

“We are very excited for the CPEM and appreciative that Papua New Guinea has offered to provide the resources for the conference and ensure that all ministers are part of this,” he added.

The insights shared offer a glimpse into the significance of the CPEM consultations and the excitement surrounding the upcoming event in Papua New Guinea.

As preparations continue, anticipation builds for what promises to be a milestone gathering for education development in the Pacific.

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