Family and friends pillars of strength for Eileen


“My family and closest friends have been my support system when I was at my lowest point in life,” says Eileen Hannah Anderson.

Eileen graduated with a Bachelor of Environmental Science from The University of the South Pacific (USP). She was also awarded the Outstanding Student in Geography Award.

The School of Agriculture, Geography, Environment, Ocean and Natural Sciences (SAGEONS) graduation ceremony was held on 12 May 2022 at the FMF Gymnasium.

Eileen added that she felt a mix of emotions as she graduated. “I was ecstatic and happy. I’m glad to have finally finished one chapter of my life and am looking forward to starting the next,” she said.

Eileen believes that her studies will one day allow her to save and protect various species and their habitats in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

She said, “Environmental Science changed my perspectives on life. Pushing me to be better, especially with these changing times in globalisation”.

“Climate Change is at our doorstep. The Pacific needs us. The world needs us. They need our perseverance.”

Eileen feels that if students want to be successful in life, they should not be afraid to ask questions.

“If you never ask, you’ll never know. Always push yourself to the next level of understanding through curiosity,” Eileen said.

She advises university students to take bad situations in life as learning curves.

“Life is full lessons; it’s just a matter of how you let it get to you. You will never grow if you never go through hardships,” she said.

She mentioned her favourite part of university life was meeting her classmates and dormmates.

“We began as strangers and are now leaving as family.” She continued, “I believe university is where we make lifelong friends.”

Eileen enjoys baking and singing, and she says, “Whenever I’m feeling down, those two hobbies instantly brighten my mood”.

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