Final-year Bachelor of Engineering student ranks second place in worldwide science quiz


Bhavish Pramesh Gulabdas was ecstatic to finish in second place in the iEngineering team’s worldwide science quiz.

The final year student at The University of the South Pacific (USP) studying Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical/Electronics) was awarded AUD 350 and participated alongside 500 other students.

Bhavish explained that the quiz questions were from a variety of subjects, including math, physics, and electrical and mechanical engineering.

“Before the quiz, I had attempted online tests to brush through my fundamentals in each subject area. Moreover, passing the preliminary round gave me a much clearer perspective on how the questions were structured and what to expect in the finals. Having supportive friends made it even easier to do preparations well,” the 23-year-old added.

He said despite a hefty workload as a final year student, dedicating those nights exclusively for preparations was worth it.

His biggest motivation from the very beginning was his parents, close friends and relatives.

“They have been my pillar of strength and source of inspiration. Making them proud inspires me to do more to achieve my life goals,” Bhavish added.

“I am grateful to Lord Krishna, my parents, my lecturer as he was the one who advised me about this quiz, and close friends and relatives for always believing in me and my potential. It is through their support that I was able to achieve this.”

Associate Professor Engineering & Physics, Utkal Mehta said, “We are proud to see such achievements by our students which depict our advanced laboratories and quality teaching and this is the way forward in creating educated citizens to solve real-world problems.”

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