First Ni-Vanuatu graduate of Bachelor of Network & Security


Maltalie Veremaito is the first Ni-Vanuatu graduate of The University of the South Pacific’s (USP) Bachelor of Networks & Security programme.

He graduated during the Emalus Campus graduation ceremony held on June 17 in Vanuatu. The ceremony saw 337 graduates receive their certificates.

Maltalie was one of the many proud graduates who had worked hard to achieve his dreams.

“I appreciate all of my efforts, hard work, and sleepless nights,” he added.

Growing up, Maltalie observed how technology could make life easier.

“We used to write, but these days we type more. I became interested in computers when I was eight years old and spent most of my time working with computers and the internet. I’ve always wondered how this device communicates with other devices in different geographical locations,” he said.

“Then I decided that I should base my studies on something that I am interested in, so when I was in 11th grade, I already had the goal of becoming a computer science specialist.”

“If you decide to work in computer science, you will never stop learning because every day is a learning day. After you graduate, there will always be jobs available in this field, and you can work wherever you want.”

Some of the struggles he faced as a student were time management, procrastination, family issues, and finances.

“The best way I overcame these obstacles was by making friends and study buddies. It was difficult for me as a Vanuatu student studying in Fiji for four years to face those challenges in a country where my families weren’t present,” Maltalie added.

“On the other hand, friends and study buddies are like families with whom I can share my struggles. We encourage and support each other, exchange ideas, and prepare for assignments and exams together.”

While online studies can become challenging, Maltalie said they were able to complete them by conducting research and forming groups in which they could share ideas.

“All glory and praise go to God for this accomplishment. My success is due to my family, friends, church, teachers, lecturers, and everyone else who has helped me,” he said.

“Make a dedicated sacrifice and give your all. Set a goal, create a plan, get to work, and make sure you stay on track. Always celebrate each step toward your goal; it will keep you going. If at first, you fail, try again and never give up.”

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