Former Tonga Finance Minister receives his Law Degree


Sunia Fili, 57, has received accolades for his accomplishments in his academic and professional journey, but that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing a second degree—this time in Law.

The former Tonga Finance Minister who is from Onu Eua, Tonga said his education at USP began in 1986 as a foundation-level student and he eventually graduated in 1989 with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in accounting economics.

Mr Fili then left university to teach at the government schools in Tonga where he taught at the high school level for 10 years before he went on to join politics winning the election to represent his district for 16 years in power.

Fili explained that he was appointed in 2010 as the Minister for Finance. At that time he was already studying law at the Diploma level.

“In 2015, I wished to continue my education after achieving a postgraduate certificate, and a postgraduate diploma from USP. I wanted to get my MBA,” Mr Fili said.

He added, “If I can continue to pursue my education at this age, I encourage young people who have so much more energy, focus and drive, to stay the course and work to achieve their goals.”

He said some young people were still deciding what to do in life, and with information readily available through technology, he urged youths to find their niche and pursue their education.

Mr Fili added that the education he and his fellow graduates attained from USP would undoubtedly shape their respective futures.


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