High School students actively participate in Nauru Open Day 2022


Nauru Secondary School students took advantage of The University of the South Pacific (USP) Nauru Campus Open Day to find out as much as they could about their programmes.

Students actively participated in planned activities at the Open Day and were full of questions about courses that interested them.

Speaking to the students at the Open Day, Nauru Campus Director, Sarina Tamakin said, “Learning is a lifelong journey, and it doesn’t just end when you finish primary school or high school”.

“As students who will be graduating high school, it is important that you continue to further your studies and this is why we are here to show you the pathways that are before you and available at USP, the only university in Nauru,” she added.

Ms Tamakin told students, “You need to capture every opportunity that this offers you as you are all working towards careers and future opportunities. USP Nauru Campus can take you there. Nauru Campus is here for you and with you.”

Nauru Secondary School Teacher, Mrs MJ Akiri said, “I found a lot of information booths very informative and interesting and it captured very well the attention of students and teachers”.

“There was a great organisation of the setup and environment, allowing enough time for tour groups to visit each staff to listen and ask questions. I would like to thank the University for organising such a great event that helps our students and teachers to explore the study and career opportunities available,” added Mrs Akiri.

Nauru Secondary School Year 12 student, Maleana Lasalo acknowledged USP for the opportunity to tour the Nauru Campus on Open Day.

“My experience has been very exciting because I got to explore many study opportunities. I loved the quote from the USP Alumni Speaker, Ms Sheeva Cook – “Fear Not and believe in yourself”. Her message motivated me to attend USP after secondary school to further my education. Thank you USP for hosting such an informative event,” Ms Lasalo added.

For a Year 11 student at Nauru Secondary School, Pavlos Ro it was a great day to be at USP Nauru Open Day, experiencing the tertiary lifestyle.

He said, “This Open Day has been helpful and will guide me towards my career goals. Thank you, USP for hosting such an educational event for us.”


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