Ioane’s brave journey to academic success


“Anyone with a disability should take a chance and choose The University of the South Pacific for their tertiary education because it provides all the assistance one would need to excel in their studies,” says USP graduate, Ioane Hawaii.

In September, Ioane graduated from USP with a Diploma in Economics. All 2021 graduation ceremonies in Laucala were cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. Qualifications were conferred by Deed, after which graduates were given their certificates.

Ioane’s disability has never stopped him from climbing the ladder of success and from fulfilling his dream. He believes that anyone with a disability can also do the same with a bit of encouragement and support from home.

He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Management and Public Administration.

“I’m pleased with what I have achieved, and I look forward to what the future holds for me. I also encourage my colleagues to continue to pursue their dreams no matter their circumstances,” Ioane said.

He is thankful to the USP Disability Resource Centre (DRC) staff for assisting him with his studies.

The DRC is dedicated to providing students living with disabilities opportunities and an inclusive learning environment to help them achieve academic success.

“The only challenge I faced was when I had to adapt to online learning because it was new for me, but the DRC staff assisted me, and I was able to adapt and complete my studies,” he added.

“The Disability Resource Centre was beneficial in my academic journey and I’m thankful for the support given to me.”

Ioane also acknowledged USP’s Campus Life Buddy Programme, which helped provide students with an inclusive and supportive environment.

“It aided me in familiarising myself with University life, including tips on how to access the services available for students to do their studies well.

“Overall, I enjoyed studying at USP as I was able to meet new friends from all the Pacific region and exchange cultural experience and learn from them,” Ioane added.

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