IT Entrepreneur Dives into Seafood Business


Eria Rurunga, an Information Technology (IT) business owner is embarking on a new journey by expanding his entrepreneurial venture into the seafood industry.

At 35, Eria, who owns E-Tech Solutions, a small computer repair business, is now eager to establish Seafood E-Makete, an online platform dedicated to seafood trading in Kiribati.

While holding the position of IT Manager at the Ministry of Lines and Phoenix Islands on Kiritimati Island, Eria identified the opportunity to blend his expertise in computing with his passion for seafood. Enrolling in Micro Qualification Training focused on Establishing and Operating a Small Seafood Business and Maintaining Seafood Safety and Quality, he acquired invaluable insights and tools essential for his upcoming venture.

The trainings were made possible through the European Union and Government of Sweden-funded University of the South Pacific (USP) Pacific European Union Marine Partnership project.

With aspirations to develop an online marketplace reminiscent of traditional fish markets, Eria aims to facilitate connections between fishers and customers across Kiribati via this online platform. His training not only provided him with knowledge in establishing seafood businesses and effective marketing strategies but also emphasised the importance of promoting safe seafood practices among fishers.

Eria is currently channeling his efforts into crafting a comprehensive business plan to secure funding for his seafood venture. The USP PEUMP project acknowledges Eria’s completion of the micro qualifications and extends sincere wishes for his success in the seafood business.

USP is one of four key implementing partners of the PEUMP Programme, a EUR 45 million programme that promotes sustainable management and sound ocean governance for food security and economic growth while addressing climate change resilience and the conservation of marine biodiversity.

It follows a comprehensive approach, integrating issues related to ocean fisheries, coastal fisheries, community development, marine conservation, and capacity building under one single regional action. The PEUMP programme is housed within the Institute of Marine Resources within the School of Agriculture, Geography, Environment, Ocean and Natural Sciences (SAGEONS).

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