Japan’s State Minister tours USP for the first time


The University of the South Pacific (USP) hosted Japan’s State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hon. Shunsuke Takei, on a tour of the university’s significant landmark, the Japan-Pacific ICT Centre and the Marine Campus along Laucala in Suva, Fiji, on the 13th of April, 2023.

Welcomed by USP Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC) Dr Giulio Paunga and Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education Professor Jito Vanualailai, H.E. State Minister Takei was excited to be on USP ground to witness the relationship between Japan and USP has materialised over the years.
USP DVC Dr Paunga said, “We are excited to welcome you to USP. Japan has been an ally of our regional university and has continued to support us in more ways than one over the past several years.”

“Having you here in person is an honour and a privilege for USP and speaks volumes of our strong relations. Our strong ties have resulted in the successful implementation of student cultural experiences like the Japan East-Asia Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS) programme, exposing our students to the Japanese way of life and culture,” Dr Paunga said.

“I hope we can continue to strengthen our relationship further and collaborate on future events that are mutually beneficial,” Dr Paunga added.

As part of H.E. State Minister Takei’s visit, he toured the famous Japan-Pacific ICT Centre led by Deputy Director ICT Fereti Atalifo. He also received a brief about how the strong ties between our institution and the Government of Japan led to the establishment of the ICT theatre that has hosted some of the most important events for the university.

H.E. State Minister Takei also had the opportunity to tour the video conferencing room and visit some students at the computer lab to see how the assistance from Japan has assisted and continues to assist our students with their studies.

The tour concluded with a visit to the Marine (Lower) Campus, where H.E. State Minister Takei had an opportunity to visit the various laboratories used by our students and researchers.

The tour of the Marine Campus led to a quick adventure to the jetty as Japan’s State Minister for Foreign Affairs was impressed with how the university integrates marine studies, ocean preservation and the use of indigenous knowledge where necessary.

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