Jessica conquers challenging journey to graduate


Jessica Maoh graduated with a Bachelor of Law (LLB) from The University of the South Pacific (USP) during the graduation ceremony held in Vanuatu last week. She was pleased to have made it this far despite it being a challenging journey.

Jessica recalls that as a student about to sit for her exams, she had become severely sick but was grateful to her lecturers for their support.

“I couldn’t walk to school, and it was almost time for the year’s final exams. I got sick and had to spend two days in the hospital. I requested my lecturers for the special exams which they permitted,” she said.

“However, after leaving the hospital, I decided to take the exam. I performed remarkably well when the results came out. I can only express my gratitude to the good Lord for the wisdom, power, and understanding.”

Jessica admitted that she found it challenging switching to online learning as she was used to talking in class rather than using a computer to listen to recordings.

“I struggled to concentrate during the first semester of 2020. However, I gradually adapted to the changes,” she added.

Aside from being a student, she was also a Pacific Island Students Fighting Climate Change member. The group was made up of law students leading a campaign to have the international court of justice issue an advisory opinion on climate change.

“This accomplishment helped me get involved with communities and other NGOs that deal with climate change and activities that promote and look into helping communities adapt and adjust to the rapidly changing weather patterns,” she said.

Jessica added that she credited her success to her mother. “She has always been my most ardent supporter, not just financially, but also in caring for my daughter while I study. I will be eternally grateful; this achievement is dedicated to her.”

The Emalus Campus graduation ceremony was held on June 17 at the Epauto Multi Complex Hall in Vanuatu. The ceremony saw 337 graduates receive their certificates.

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