Kireata Boosts career with a USP Qualification


It has not been an easy journey for single parent, Kireata Meauke.

Since his wife’s passing in 2016, in addition to work commitment, and a desire to pursue higher tertiary studies, he was also responsible for looking after his two children. This proved to be challenging at times.

However, despite the difficulties he faced, Kireata did not give up easily.

His passion for fighting corruption and raising his children became a driving force towards pursuing higher qualification.

“There was a lack of expertise and sound experience in my country in combating corruption and that motivated me to pursue further study in this area,” he said.

“I was fortunate to have been awarded a scholarship to pursue my studies and I’m thankful for the opportunity.”

Kireata was able to further his studies and successfully graduated with a Masters of Commerce from The University of the South Pacific.

“Even though there were no specific programmes on anti-corruption, I was lucky as there are other relevant programmes that offer valuable insights on anti-corruption such as the USP’s Master of Commerce (MCOM) – Management and Public Administration programme, which offers fundamental theories and concepts of anti-corruption reforms in its syllabus.

“Studying the MCOM programme boosted my existing skills and knowledge,” Kireata added.

“My qualification has been valuable for my professional development. All lectures and workshops delivered by USP lecturers are relevant and fit well into the scope of my responsibilities as the Senior Integrity and Corruption Control Officer of the Public Service Office in Kiribati.”

“All of my research projects were tailor-made to suit my current roles in the anti-corruption department. This helped me learn other country’s best practices and strategies in dealing with corruption.”

When asked about his university experience, Kireata said USP provided him with all his academic needs.

“USP is the best university in the Pacific where all your diverse academic needs are well taken care of. The school environment makes you feel at home – the connection and friendly faces of the Pacific brothers and sisters on campus are a great inspiration,” he said.

“The quality and excellence of teaching at USP are undoubtedly satisfactory. Course coordinators and lecturers were very supportive and responsive – they always give their best and provide opportunities for you to further your research where needed. This opens up a lot of opportunities for me to explore more wealth of knowledge and skills in the management discipline,” he added.

USP’s Postgraduate applications have been extended until 25 March except for trimester-based programmes and Undergraduate applications extended until 23 March.

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