No regrets joining USP for Harriet Sionetama


The decision to undertake the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) programme at The University of the South Pacific wasn’t an easy one for Harriet Sionetama, who grew up watching many students in her homeland, Niue further their studies at other tertiary institutions.

The programme is internationally accredited and has been established in partnership with Pacific regional agencies, to meet regional and international standards.

Ms Sionetama grew up seeing her schoolmates and relatives pursuing further studies in New Zealand, and this was something she was destined for as well, however, she decided to change the narrative and took a different direction.

The resilient young woman took on the challenge and went beyond her boundaries taking up the Bachelor of Laws programme at USP’s Emalus Campus in Vanuatu which is now offered online in her home country in Niue.

She highlighted that another factor in her decision to study at USP was her goal to practice law in the Pacific, more specifically in Niue, and there was no better place than USP where it embraced cultural diversity and taught the laws of its 12-member countries.

Sionetama said, “As a third-year law student, I do not regret the choice I made to come study at USP. The University experience gained thus far has given me a vast opportunity to learn, understand be open-minded about the laws of the Pacific countries, likewise the appreciation of culture, history, and values”.
“One major highlight is sitting in a room full of different young people from different cultural backgrounds from across the Pacific sharing ideas, visions, appreciating and understanding each other while at the same time debating the need for improvement of laws in the best possible approach,” she said.

The third-year law student added that she would forever cherish every moment shared with course coordinators, tutors, and fellow students at USP.

“I started as a student from Niue, three years in, I consider myself part Tuvaluan, Ni-van, Tongan, and many other Pacific countries as I have forged close friendships with different Pacific Island students. USP has allowed me to be culturally inclusive and to be a proud Pacific Islander. Most importantly, USP has immensely inspired me to work hard to one day help make wise decisions in an effort to advance the region,” she stated.

Sionetama’s advice to aspiring lawyers is to take on challenges and be determined, grasp every opportunity as well as be passionate about this profession as this would take them to greater heights when joining the workforce.



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