PacREF supports national efforts towards Education for Pacific people

SOURCE: Fijian Government

PacREF is dedicated to improving education in the Pacific region and assisting member countries in advancing education for the people of the Pacific.

As part of this commitment, the PacREF Facilitating Unit (PFU) eagerly anticipates working with the Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts (MEHA) to prepare for the National Education Summit (NES) in August, which will establish an education sector framework for Fiji over the next decade.

At the recent MEHA workshop, co-hosted by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), to discuss the processes towards securing Global Partnership on Education (GPE) funding for Fiji, Mr Filipe Jitoko, the PacREF Coordinator, shared the need for the development for a comprehensive education sector plan for Fiji and how GPE funding could be effectively utilised in its implementation.

Workshop participants also discussed the upcoming NES and Mr Jitoko emphasised the importance of an all-inclusive and collaborative process that fosters engagement from a diverse set of stakeholders.

“This will ensure that the views of all stakeholders are considered, captured within the resulting framework, and result is greater ownership and commitment of the outcome of the Summit,” he continued.

Fiji is now the 10th Pacific Island country to be a member of GPE, with UNICEF as the Grant Agent and DFAT as the Coordinating Agency.

“The timeframe is tight, and proper planning and effective mapping of processes towards the Summit and GPE funding are crucial towards a common goal which is to develop an education master plan for Fiji’s education sector,” Mr Jitoko added.

He went on to say that recognising Fiji’s strong community ownership of schools, the participation of communities, faith-based organisations, and private organisations in the Summit process was crucial.

The PacREF aims to ensure that all countries in the region have access to quality education relevant to their individual needs and aspirations.

The coordination of this workshop aligns with PacREF’s objectives and is an essential step towards achieving a brighter future for education in Fiji.

PFU encourages all stakeholders to participate actively in the National Education Summit in August and work together to develop an education sector master plan for Fiji.

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