Reeha Sharma Dedicates Success to Her Parents

Reeha Sharma, who won a Gold Medal and Post Fiji and Faculty of Arts, Law and Education Prize for the most outstanding graduate with a major in Education at the Medals and Prizes Ceremony in September 2020, dedicates her success to her parents.
Reeha said, “Receiving this award makes me feel good. It is an acknowledgment of a job well done and the hard work that went into winning it.”
23-year-old Reeha is originally from Savusavu and is currently working as a part time lab demonstrator for Chemistry at USP and is also a Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) leader for Chemistry. At the same time, she is currently undertaking a Postgraduate Diploma in Science (Chemistry).
Reeha graduated with a Bachelor of Science and Graduate Certificate in Education (BSCGCEd) majoring in Chemistry and Food and Nutrition Studies in 2019. Reeha says tertiary education is doing independent learning and that was one of the challenges she faced during her first semester at USP.
 “I was in a culture shock due to the new environment. The same year I also lost my dad.  It was a big blow for me as it happened during the final exams of Semester 2. I was shattered, but his blessings were always with me. It was a bit difficult for me to cope with my studies,” she said.
“I overcame challenges by having a calm mind and having positive attitude towards my work. Also the support that I got from my family members helped me to build confidence and motivated me to successfully complete my work.”
Her advice to the students, “The essential thing in a student’s life is to know how to balance your life. Prioritising things will guide you in your journey of learning. There will be many hardships that you will go through. Be prepared to tackle it with a calm and a positive mind. It is okay if mistakes are made, but always learn and improve.”  As it has been said, “the expert in anything was once a beginner,” says Reeha.
 “My studies with USP was a great experience. The support services and facilities provided by USP helps students to excel in their studies. Also, the guidance provided by the academic staff has helped me to complete my studies successfully.”
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