Semester Zero a success for prospective students on holiday

Kelvin Gounder and Deevnesh Chand.

While students are on break, an online orientation programme for incoming university students is a terrific method to become acquainted with the features of The University of the South Pacific (USP) and its activities.

These were the sentiments shared by former Mahatma Gandhi Memorial High School student, Mr Deevnesh Chand.

Mr Chand who has completed and passed his Year 13 examination, is on holiday in New Zealand but was able to use the Semester Zero orientation programme to his advantage while away from home.

“I enjoyed the programme that gives a brief rundown of the programmes on offer and the places we can visit in the instance we have queries whilst on campus as well. I first learned about Semester Zero on social media and from the USP teams that visited our school last year,” he said.

Mr Chand has confirmed that he is keen to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Information Systems or Economics at USP.

He added, “My biggest motivation to begin the Semester Zero Programme were my parents, they encouraged me to attempt it and do something useful with my time. I enjoyed Semester Zero as the activities encouraged and motivated me, and doing this course helped me to get a better understanding of what USP holds for us, first-year students.”

Filled with excitement and a lot of anticipation to begin his first year at university, Mr Chand managed to finish most of the activities for Semester Zero in the first week.

“The excitement just made me attempt all activities after understanding different lessons. It took me three days to complete Semester Zero, and I had spent three to four hours per day,” he said.

Mr Chand believes it is important for all students to participate in Semester Zero as it not only gives a clear picture of the university but also helps one to understand and get exposed to different lessons, they can expect at USP.

Former Bhawani Dayal Arya College student, Kelvin Gounder from Nakasi, is focused on pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Social Work at USP.

“I found out about an online programme called Semester Zero and I thought if I can complete this before joining USP, it could maybe help me find my way to completing courses during the semesters,” he said.

Kelvin added that he is finding Semester Zero to be educational and it has helped him build on what he has learnt in high school.

“I would encourage other young people to also try the Semester Zero Programme online, it is free and super easy to use, my friends and I have used this to help keep us busy while waiting for our results. Now that results are out, we know a little of what to expect at USP.”

Semester Zero 2023 is now accessible until 10 February 2023. Students can access all information about accessing Semester Zero on

Meanwhile, USP’s admissions are now open. New applicants or those resuming studies can now apply for admission for Semester 1, 2023. For more information or academic counselling, visit a USP Campus near you or contact Student Administrative Services at



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