Uniting Minds, Shaping Futures: GSB Embraces Strategic Planning


The Graduate School of Business has endeavoured to attain global standards by hosting a strategic planning and networking session, bringing students and alumni together.

The initiative’s primary objective was to formulate a strategic plan for the school and align it with the requirements outlined by the Association of MBAs (AMBA).

By developing this strategic plan, the institution sought to meet the standards necessary for maintaining AMBA accreditation and enhancing the overall quality and competitiveness of its MBA programme.

The AMBA accreditation is recognised internationally as a benchmark for excellence in postgraduate business education, setting the highest standards for MBA programmes worldwide. Maintaining this accreditation confers a significant competitive advantage upon the programme, enhancing its reputation among the leading business schools across the globe.

The institution formulated a strategic plan to chart this course by actively involving its diverse community.

Recognising the collective wealth of experiences and perspectives possessed by its students, alumni, and faculty, the session sought to foster a shared vision for the school’s advancement.

The centrepiece of the gathering was the breakout sessions, which facilitated a dynamic and open exchange of ideas within smaller groups. These intimate discussions allowed school community members to express their thoughts and insights, engendering dialogue that sparked innovative viewpoints.

A Report-Outs session was conducted, drawing from the richness of the strategic planning session, allowing all participants to reconvene, reflect on, and consolidate the diverse perspectives shared earlier.

This process facilitated a comprehensive understanding of the collective input and culminated in the synthesis of ideas.

The evening concluded with a Meet and Greet session, providing a relaxed and convivial atmosphere to celebrate the collective efforts, foster a network, and stimulate conversations.

Through the lens of this strategic planning and networking session, the Graduate School of Business has exemplified its dedication to shaping its future through collaborative means. With a focus on AMBA accreditation, this event underscores the institution’s belief in a shared vision, unity, and camaraderie.

The engaging discussions and invaluable contributions from the participants have set a promising trajectory and a bright future for the MBA programme offered by the Graduate School of Business at The University of the South Pacific (USP).


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