USP fulfils Taumua’s Dream


Taumua Emily Wilson fulfilled her dreams of graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce at The University of the South Pacific’s (USP) Samoa Campus face-to-face graduation ceremony in Apia last Friday.

While USP is known for many interesting offers and attractions for its students, Taumua has always been fascinated with the different ethnic and cultural backgrounds that the USP students have.

“My favorite aspect about being a USP student is meeting new people and making friends along the journey. The students at USP come from different works of life within the region and that has enabled me to open up and socialise exchanging cultural information with other students.”

When asked about her driving force behind doing what she does and how she does it, Taumua stated that, “The sweetness of success was what really motivated me to get through this”.

“I think that studying alongside my friends with their positive spirits have kept me going to pursue what I wanted for myself, so it is also important to have the right group of friends and people around you at the university,” she added.

Pulu tree is where Taumua loved to hang out during her free time and her hobbies include socialising with her friends and meeting new people.

The most useful study methods for Taumua during exam periods were going through the resources available on Moodle, the tutorial activities and the questions, the lecture recordings and the E-copies of the course reading books together with making use of the lecturers’ consultation hours for specific questions or portions that were not clearly understood during class.

She acknowledges her family’s support throughout this journey and thanks them for all the sacrifices they made for her.

“I owe this achievement to myself for all the hard work and commitment that I have shown during the journey which finally paid off and also to my family because I would not be where I am today had it not been for their continuous support and encouragement,” she said.

Agricultural farming would have been Taumua’s alternative field had she not pursued a Bachelor of Commerce.

Taumua advises the prospective students who are interested in the same field to never give up and to keep trying until the set goals are reached.

“This journey was not easy; it is not the end as it is actually only the beginning of another chapter. Keep climbing the ladder until you reach your goal as the best views come after the hardest climbs. However you do it, just don’t be afraid and do it until you make it,” she said.









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