USP Graduate Lyric Williams Shines with Gold Medal in Linguistics


The University of the South Pacific (USP) celebrated the achievements of its latest graduates recently, among them the remarkable Lyric Williams, who not only received her Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Linguistics and Psychology but was also awarded the prestigious gold medal for the best undergraduate in Linguistics.

Lyric’s graduation day was filled with relief and excitement, embodying the culmination of years of dedication and hard work.

“It feels great!” she shared.

“I’m relieved, thankful, and excited for what’s next in life now that this chapter is complete.”

Born and raised in Fiji, Lyric expressed a deep sense of accomplishment and gratitude upon reaching this significant milestone.

The ceremony was a poignant moment for Lyric, especially memorable for sharing the joy with close friends who had become family over the years at USP.

“Watching them also be rewarded for their hard work, walking up to the stage in their best outfits, beaming with pride was the highlight for me,” she said.

Lyric’s academic journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Her education at USP extended beyond the classroom, teaching her valuable lessons in cultural diversity and adaptability, essential skills in today’s global indsutries.

“Apart from providing me with the skills required to excel in a work environment, it has broadened my perspective personally and made me more adaptable and open-minded,” she noted.

Looking ahead, Lyric plans to further her studies, aiming to integrate her dual interests in linguistics and psychology. She envisions a future of continuous learning and growth, with broader opportunities now accessible thanks to her academic achievements.

Lyric also offered advice to current students, emphasising the importance of balance.

“Take it from me: my most challenging semesters were when I tried to go above and beyond academically while neglecting everything (God, friends and my physical well-being).”

“If you need a break from schoolwork, take a break – don’t wait for a mental shutdown or depression to kick in. Go for a walk, go out, have fun, but remember to do everything in moderation,” she said.

When asked to summarise her university experience in one phrase, Lyric chose “Rewarding.” She elaborated, “I learnt valuable lessons from both the highs and lows I experienced here at USP, which have helped me grow.”

As Lyric Williams looks to the future, her experiences at USP will undoubtedly serve as a strong foundation for her continued success in both her professional pursuits and personal aspirations.

Her story is not just one of academic achievement but of holistic growth and resilience, inspiring current and future students alike. Congratulations, Lyric!


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