USP Human Rights Alumnae Association aids Tongans in future recovery


The USP Human Rights Alumnae Association conducted a ten-day-long ‘Loloma Tonga Appeal’ from which the donations were handed over to the President of the Tonga Students Association, Sioweli Tausiga.

The members of the USP Human Rights Alumnus Association and some friends collectively donated buckets of biscuits, boxes of towels, clothes, curtains, and packs of bottled water.

Part of the Association’s humanitarian outreach involved initiating the ‘Loloma Tonga Appeal’ to assist the fellow Tongan students whose families were affected by the volcanic eruption.

The president of the USP Human Rights Alumnae Association, Asilika Lomani, said they were driven by a sense of compassion for the Tongans’ suffering, knowing that our country had gone through the same experience during adverse cyclones hit in previous years.

The donation is expected to assist families whose houses have been destroyed and those who do not have sufficient food supply.

Ms Lomani expressed the Association was moved with compassion at the extent of damage caused by the natural disasters. She feels proud and honoured to be of assistance to the vulnerable affected Tongans.

She suggested other valuable methods for USP to collaboratively involve staff and students on this excellent course. Her ideas included having a fun day or using musical concerts to drive in donations in the form of money to assist Tongans in rebuilding their homes’ infrastructure.

The USP Human Rights Alumnae Association hopes that the affected Tongans continue to build with resilience and encourage their Pacific neighbours to support them. The Association wishes Tongan friends a full recovery as they work together in building back their lives.


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