USP Launches “You Said, We Did” Campaign to better address students’ concerns.


Today, the University of the South Pacific Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Pal Ahluwalia, launched the “You Said, We Did” (YSWD) campaign, a new student-experience initiative.

The YSWD initiative will allow the Vice-Chancellor’s Office to receive and coordinate student complaints, suggestions, views, and comments across all USP campuses.

The campaign aims at strengthening communication between students and the Vice-Chancellor’s Office to better address student concerns.

Professor Ahluwalia is encouraging students to reach out to him and be a part of this campaign.

“Whether you have something positive to comment on, such as what you’re enjoying or benefitting from or whether you have comments about changes to be made to benefit the University, we are here to listen,” Professor Ahluwalia said.

“I will do my best to respond to queries sent to me and, therefore, to better coordinate all messages from students, today we are launching the, “You Said, We Did” (YSWD) initiative.”

“It is also about recognising that different students have different needs and making sure all students feel very welcome, and enabling them to succeed here,” he added.

The University already has an existing portal that looks into Academic Approval Grievance Online (AAGO), and AAGO will continue to manage student grievances for Change of Programme, Pre-requisite Waivers and Special Registration requests. However, the “You Said, We Did” provides an option for students to directly liaise with the Vice-Chancellor’s Office on matters outside of AAGO.

“With closure to borders and given our unique geographical structure, I want all our students at our 14 campuses to have direct access to my office at the click of an email,” Professor Ahluwalia said.

“Students need to have a voice in the University and to be able to reach out to their Vice-Chancellor, that is important.  Your voice helps to shape your experience here at USP to be the best and most fulfilling experience it can be. Your voice matters.”

Students can reach out to the Vice-Chancellor’s office on email



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