USP Tonga Campus school visit provides students with valuable information


The University of the South Pacific’s (USP) Tonga Campus went beyond to raise awareness on USP for high school students through their school visits.

The schools visited by the Tonga Campus included Takuilau College, Toloa College, Tonga High School, St. Andrew High School and Tonga College’ Atele.

Tonga Campus Director, Dr Robin Havea said the school visit was integral to the campus’s promotion and marketing activities.

“It is so critical because the timing must be perfect as this is the ideal time of the year where senior students in secondary schools finish their national examinations before they take that well deserved long summer break,” he said.

“It is a great opportunity for us to showcase and share with these students what we could offer here at USP Tonga Campus. It is a great opportunity for these students to ask questions and anything about USP, ranging from school fees to programmes of study and a combination of majors. It’s eye-opening to most of these students.”

Tonga High School Principal, Ms Sipola Halafihi said she was appreciative of USP’s visit.

“As an alumnus, I owe USP a debt of gratitude for preparing me to be the person I am today; in fact, Dr Robin was my Math teacher at USP; therefore, I am eternally thankful to USP,” she said.

“I am looking forward to seeing a lot of my best pupils there next year. This type of opportunity should not be limited to only us, but our children, families, and the entire country of Tonga.”

Tonga High School Form 7 student, Sione Lauti said, “This presentation is essential to us who are in the last year of high school and looking to continue to university. The information given is crucial to us.”

“And during this time of COVID-19 pandemic with travel restrictions, I am so happy to know that I can do my studies here at USP Tonga Campus, and it is way cheaper. I would recommend this to all my fellow students this year, as it is important to pursue our studies to gain higher qualifications, and USP-Tonga Campus is the avenue for that,” he continued.

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