Workforce demand encourages Ms Donu to resume studies after six years

Selita Donu

Securing employment while studying at The University of the South Pacific (USP) was a defining moment in Selita Donu Saula’s life, as she struggled to balance the two.

Ms Donu, from the coral coast province of Nadroga, Navosa, in Fiji, dropped out of school in 2016 to work, a decision she described as critical in realising the need to continue her education at USP.

She said, “For the past six years, I have been trying to return to school, but I had a lot going on with work and life. This year I decided to take the first step and just get a foot in the door for study resumption at USP.”

Returning to school after six years, Ms Donu is determined to see her academic journey through until she completes her programme.

“I had enrolled in a Bachelor of Commerce programme with majors in economics and international business marketing,” she said.

She added that the current work she was doing in commerce aligned with her registered programme at USP and was a contributing factor to her study resumption.

“Previously, I was worried about travelling to Suva to sort my stuff out, but I am now glad that USP services are now more accessible. Not only did the USP team visit various towns and cities, but they heavily promoted their online services, which are of great help to those of us who live far from the main centres.”

“Having an enrolment fair is also a wonderful initiative because it allows students like me, who have been out of school for several years, to seek academic counselling and be shown pathways to resuming my studies,” the Nadroga woman added.

“I want to encourage those who haven’t completed their study and have joined the workforce to make an effort and complete their programme at USP. I want to emphasise the importance of us working students continuing our studies because it helps us with our employment prospects and means we achieve a qualification that is recognised,” she said.

USP is still accepting applications from new and returning students hoping to study at the region’s premier institute.

Meanwhile, the University’s Enrolment Fair currently underway at the Laucala Campus provides an opportunity for students to learn more about the different services the university offers, flexible fee payment options, and the various scholarships available.

The week-long enrolment fair concludes on Saturday.


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