Pacific Studies

region’s past, present, and future

Students gain cultural and cross-cultural awareness, develop a broad knowledge of the Pacific, and acquire a distinct set of research skills critical for engagement in the islands. Pacific Studies is multidisciplinary, drawing on theoretical and methodological tools from other fields or disciplines in the exploration of the region’s past, present, and future. It encourages students to learn about diverse knowledge systems and assists them in developing or creating their own conceptual frameworks, and possibly juxtaposing them with other frameworks that have been applied to the study of a particular issue or topic related to Pacific cultures and societies. Students are also encouraged to examine Pacific arts as means of expression and understanding about themes deemed relevant by Pacific communities, while attempting to connect them to wider regional and global themes. Pacific Studies adds value to many existing professions through the potential adoption of alternate or complementary perspectives to better understand the challenges facing the region, as well as developing novel approaches to seize opportunities that could benefit all members of our Pacific community.

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