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Some students choose to live off-campus in privately rented properties in the surrounding suburbs to USP. There is a good selection of affordable rental housing close to the University and in the wider Suva area. Depending on the number of rooms in the flat, rent for one room usually costs between $75 and $150 per week (more for couples), plus bills and food. If you are a USP student or staff, you may find this website useful in locating your off campus accommodation. The listings above are updated daily.


‘Flatting’ is a popular way that university students in Fiji Island live, where students share an apartment or house (‘flat’) and share household expenses. Flatting is usually cheaper than living in student accommodation or hostels, although flatting has other challenges.

Flatting may be a good option for second year students, older students, and those who are familiar with living in Suva. If you are a first year student, or are from out-of-town, then living in USP Halls of Residence or other student accommodation might be a better choice until you get into the routine of study.

If you decide to live in a flat, it is likely that you will have to provide your own furniture and pay for your share of the expenses (electricity, water, gas, phone/internet, pay TV). Some flats will share groceries and cooking, while others will buy groceries and cook meals individually. Remember to talk about bills with your flatmates and agree who will organise household expenses. Rental prices can vary greatly according to location, type of accommodation, and number of others living there. Demand for flats peaks at the start of each semester, so try and beat the rush and get in early. Also remember to consider the cost of transport in looking for a flat .

Living with others in any situation will always have challenges, so remember to choose flats carefully and do not rush into any flatting agreement. Make sure your new flatmates are people you can live with during the semester or year.

Please note that it is highly recommended that you should personally view the property before signing up anywhere. The properties listed on this database are not owned or operated by the University. The university accepts no responsibility for the condition of the accommodation or the behavior of any of the parties who may enter into a tenancy agreement as a result of this service.

Advertise your property for rent

If you are a landlord with a House, Flat, Boarding House, Apartment, Homestay you can use this website to advertise to our students and staff. This is an off-campus accommodation database specifically aimed at USP students and staff. You can expose your property to 1000’s of USP students and staff for two months. For more information contact USP: Ph +679 32 32351. All listings are FREE.

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