Fitness Centre Rules

Fitness Centre Rules

As with any such facility it is important that members recognize that mutual respect tolerance, understanding and a spirit of cooperation are key elements in making a healthy and safe environment. There are basic rules concerning health and safety that need to be adhered to.

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Center Rules

  • Members of the Center must produce the appropriate membership card to gain entry to the facility.
  • All Children under the age of twelve(12), even if they are accompanied by an adult are not permitted in the Center under any circumstance.
  • If you lend your membership card to another person to enter the Center, your membership maybe terminated/suspended by the Manager.
  • Lockers are available for hire from reception. The lockers are for use only whilst you are using the Center. They are not permanent day or overnight lockers.(we strongly advise you leave valuables at home or secure them in a locker.)
  • People using the Center must: be wearing suitable footwear, no open toe footwear; be wearing suitable attire, and adhere to the rules specific to the areas of usage.
  • No food or bags are allowed in the exercise area. (includes gum)
  • Towels are compulsory whilst training.(to use on the equipment)
  • You must wipe down all upholstery surfaces on the machines you have been using.
  • Free weights and machine weight stacks must not be dropped.
  • Free weights must be returned to their correct locations as soon as you have finished with them. This means: barbells and dumbbells on racks, all plates must be unloaded, plates put on plate trees.
  • The entire Center is a non smoking area.
  • Whilst using the Center you must respect the rights and privacy of others.
  • Use of Personal trainers is permitted in the Center, however USP will be indemnified from any liability,claims, losses, damages, or expenses caused by or arising out of or in connection with the use of personal trainers.
  • Any person who is a member of the University staff or is currently enrolled as a student shall be subject to the provisions of the University Disciplinary Regulations if they fail to comply with the rules of the Center.
  • No drunkenness, bad language or aggressive behavior toward staff or other members is permitted on the premises. Membership may be terminated for violation of any rule or regulation of the club or by conduct deemed by the management to be detrimental to the welfare, good order or character of the Center and its members or staff.
  • Any person who is not a member of the University staff or is not currently enrolled as a student at the University and falls to comply with the rules of the Center must leave the Center if requested to do so by a staff member. And the circumstances shall be reported in writing to he USP Registrar who shall have the power after making such enquiries as he or she considers appropriate, to impose penalties.
  • Membership fees are non-refundable and no-transferable



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