Documents and forms

Application for Provisional Admission (Fiji) – Application for School Leavers (Y12 and Y13)
Application for Admission to an Undergraduate programme (Fillable PDF Form)
Application for Admission to a Postgraduate/ Master’s Degree / Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (Fillable PDF Form)
Application for Admission to the Professional Diploma in Legal Practice
Application for Admission (Graduate School of Business) Programmes

Persons who wish to apply for admission to a new and/or higher undergraduate or postgraduate programme will need to complete the relevant Application for Admission Form above.

Students wishing to resume studies in the same undergraduate or postgraduate programme by coursework in a particular semester or trimester may apply through provided that they were last registered not more than 5 semesters or trimester ago. Otherwise students will need to reapply for admission by submitting the relevant application for admission form above and the current programme regulations will apply in this case.


Application for Westpac Scholarship
Shrikisun Balgovind- Scholarship Application
Student Bursary Scheme

Application for Pacific TAFE Partial Scholarship
Application for Admission and Regional Disability Scholarship
Regional Disability Scholarship (RDS) Supplementary form


All registration for courses are to be made online by accessing SOLS.
Students who cannot register online for academic reasons (Pre-requisite issues, programme issues, repeating courses beyond ther regulated number of attempts, etc) must not complete a manual form but use the online form by accessing link to request for a special approval.

Request to Transfer USP Campus
Request for Course Withdrawal 
Request for Change of Programme (Fillable PDF Form)
Application for Credit Transfer
Request for Registration in a Flexi-School Course

FNPF Educational Assistance Form
Request for Fee Waiver

Request for Internal Assessment Consideration
Application for Compassionate / Aegrotat Pass / Special Exam (Fillable PDF Form)
Academic Progress Assessment Appeal
Application for Reconsideration of Course Grade (Fillable PDF Form)
Exam Clash Form(Fillable PFD Form)


Application for Completion of Programme (Undergraduate/ Postgraduate/ Masters)  (Fillable PDF Form)
Application for Completion of programme (Foundation & Preliminary Studies)    (Fillable PDF Form)
Request for Verification of USP Qualification
Request for Course Description
Request for Academic Transcript
Request to Change Personal Details

Application for Study Permit for Fiji
Application for a Permit to Reside
Application for Study Permit for Fiji (Continuing Students Only)

Application for Student Exchange

Student Grievance

Student Grievance Form

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