Cecily’s Education Journey Resumes After 20 Years


The famous saying “Education is a never ending process” is clear reflection of the determination of a Lautoka mother to strive for higher educational excellence as she resumed her tertiary studies after a lapse of 20 years.

Cecily Dunn Naidu re-enrolled herself at the University of the South Pacific Lautoka Campus in Semester 2, 2019 to further her studies in Early Childhood Education (ECE).

Mrs Naidu was part of USP Lautoka’s orientation program held at the Campus on July 13, 2019 for its matured students.

After completing her Certificate in ECE, the 39-year-old mother of two had to wait for almost two decades before the opportunity to re-restart studies came her way.

Mrs Naidu revealed that after finishing her certificate level studies she gave birth to her twin sons. “Though I was very eager to undertake my Diploma studies then the responsibility of my twin babies forced me to halt my studies.

“I felt as a mother I should not deviate from my responsibilities and provide the much needed love and affection for my children. Also along with my husband our utmost goal was to ensure that our boys remain on the right track as with the changing time children nowadays indulge themselves in various unwanted activities,” she said.

Cecily revealed that with both her sons in high school now her family found this as an opportune time for her to resume her studies. She said she is very grateful to her ever supportive husband Daniel Naidu who convinced her that it is still not too late for her to study.

She also extended her deepest appreciation towards USP for allowing matured students like her to continue their desired studies despite lapse of a number of years. However, she admitted that the study environment has become very challenging now compared to what was 20 years back, especially the vast use of technology.

“I am not well versed with the use of computers which is a major challenge for me while resuming my studies. However, the sacrifice I made for them is now paying rewards as both my sons who are very good in using computers are teaching me.”

“They have given me the much needed hope to succeed and I am very optimistic of completing my Diploma and entering the world of teaching in few years’ time,” she said.

Mrs. Naidu advised all mothers like herself to never lose hope and ensure that age is never a hindrance towards achieving their goals.

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