First Year Students Win USP Lautoka Campus 2018 Debate Finals

Champion Team Idealists with Student Learning Specialist Siniva Laupepa and USP Lautoka Campus Director Dr. Pramila Devi

Team Idealists were declared champions of USP Lautoka Campus’ 2018 debate series after they defeated the affirmative team Warriors in the finals match held at the Campus on Friday, 19th October 2018.

Comprising of first year students, the Idealists vehemently opposed the topic “There Are Much Bigger Environmental Problems than Global Warming”, that led to their 2nd consecutive win in a two series competition and subsequently the championship title. The Warriors were awarded the 1st runner up title.

In the first match held during USP’s 50th anniversary celebrations on 12th August, the Idealists defeated Alpha while the Warriors beat the Rangers to qualify for the finals.

The jubilant leader of the Idealists, Jaanvi Narayan said it was the first time for the members of her team to participate/contest in a debate competition therefore a two streak win was a great achievement for them.  Ms. Narayan attributed their success to the excellent team spirit and hard work by her fellow team members.

Organised by the Student Learning Support (SLS) at USP Lautoka, the debate is aimed at enhancing the student’s collaborative learning and communications skills, research skills as well as boosting their confidence. Coordinated by the Student Learning Specialist, Siniva Laupepa, SLS provides support services to assist students with their learning needs.

In her concluding remarks, Ms. Laupepa, who also chaired the debate, stated that she was pleased to note there was massive improvement in the way debaters did their research to support their arguments.

“While the confidence demonstrated by the debaters is admirable, a little enthusiasm incorporated into how they articulate their arguments in a convincing manner is necessary,” she added.

Ms. Laupepa expressed her appreciation to both the teams for the time and effort they dedicated towards the debate and encouraged other students to participate in such activities organised by the Campus to enrich their learning experience.

While also thanking the students for their participation and contribution towards the debate series competition, USP Lautoka Campus Director Dr. Pramila Devi stated they should consider this platform a golden opportunity to express their opinions on significant issues and be confident in doing so.
The winning team was presented a shield engraved with the name of the winning team while the runner up team received a trophy.  Each member of both teams was presented a certificate of participation and a token of appreciation.

Ms. Laupepa said the shield and trophy will be placed in the front office of the campus as a symbol of encouragement for others students to participate in such contests.








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