Pandemic Rejuvenates Study Mode


The deadly global pandemic Covid-19 has redirected a number of individuals back on the path of further academic studies.

The orientation session for the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at the University of the South Pacific Lautoka campus on August 29 heard that many individuals decided to further their educational career after either losing their employment or having reduced working hours.

For some decline in the busier work environment has finally given them the opportunity to embark on a very illustrious academic path with the regions premier tertiary education provider.

Guest motivational speaker at the orientation, the Executive Director Finance for University of Fiji who recently completed his MBA with USP Lautoka Campus Ravineet Sami urged all the new entrants in the MBA programme to visualise the positive effects of Covid – 19.

Mr Sami stressed that there are several positive sides of the pandemic but people are primarily focusing on its negative impacts.

He pointed out that if there was no Covid-19 many of the students present in the room for the MBA orientation would not have been there.

He emphasized that the deadly virus has given an opportunity to many individuals to realign their lives in particular their academic path.

Sami further highlighted that MBA for him was the “Most Beautiful Achievement” of his academic career from USP Lautoka Campus.

He however reminded all the new students that during the two year tenure of the MBA programme a lot of dedication, hard work and sacrifice are needed from them.

“As working class students you will have to properly manage your time and family support will play a vital link towards your success in this course.

“If you have children your spouses will then have to take a lot more responsibility of the family in order to allow you to devote 100% of your time in your studies,” he reminded.

USP Lautoka Campus Director Dr Pramila Devi informed the students that they made the orientation session mandatory in order for them to know what facilities and services are available to support their study.

Devi told the students that the two year academic journey at USP will thoroughly boost their personal and career development.

She reminded the students that their journey will be challenging along with one full of excitement so they all should embrace the challenges and sail out victors.

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MBA student at the orientation
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