Reading extremely vital for Postgraduate Studies


Students undertaking postgraduate studies at University of the South Pacific Lautoka have been advised to inculcate the culture of reading during the tenure of this program.

During the orientation session for the Postgraduate Diploma in Agriculture at the campus on August 28, Student Learning Support (SLS) specialist Shaleshni Prasad reminded the students that reading becomes the most integral component of their higher education studies.

Prasad revealed unlike the undergraduate studies acquiring a Diploma or a degree, the post graduate programme is quite intense and requires a lot of reading.

“While doing your Postgraduate Diploma programme you have to read a lot of research materials so reading and understanding will take a lot of your time.”

“If you have not been a student who likes reading then major changes will be required to quickly adapt to the new environment of extensive reading.”

She informed that all books and texts have a pattern and once students are able to understand this pattern reading becomes quite easy.

The SLS officer also reiterated the importance of time management while undertaking higher education studies.

“Along with a lot more reading while during your postgraduate studies as a student you have to properly manage your time otherwise things will become very difficult for you.”

“It is understandable that during this period of life you will have a lot of commitment on a personal and professional level both but how well you allocate time for all these activities will be the plus point, “Prasad stressed.

Meanwhile, USP Lautoka Campus Director Dr Pramila Devi reminded the postgraduate students that because they all are working class pupils knowing all the administrative requirements at the university will be very crucial for them.

She highlighted that the orientation session therefore becomes very important for the students to properly manage their study period.

Devi pointed out that the university wants to ensure that students are fully versed with what all facilities and services the university has in offer for them.

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