SP Provides Much For The Public Sector

USP Lautoka Student Association executive presenting sevusevu to Chief Guest at the Seminar, Acting Commissioner Western, Joji Satakala

Programs and courses offered by the University of the South Pacific (USP) are earmarked to thoroughly enhance productivity levels of employees in the public sector.

USP Lautoka Campus Director Dr Pramila Devi informed participants of the Public Sector Seminar, held in the Campus on Friday July 13th that over the last 50 years USP had achieved quite a lot and has established itself as a premier tertiary education provider in the Pacific.

Organised as part of the university’s 50th anniversary celebrations, the seminar was attended by officials from the various levels of the public sector.
“We have more than 40,000 alumini all over the world and when we look at the Pacific most of the government officials and top ranked executives in the private sector are all USP alumini.

“This seminar is a key time to get together and re-establish our network and also give a feedback and update to the public sector on how the university is working,” she stressed.

Dr Pramila highlighted that the Lautoka Campus now has programs and courses available for everyone at any level.

“Courses such as the Caregivers Fundamentals are now available to cater for those living in villagers intending to look after the elderly citizens around them.
“So there is a wide range of courses that USP Lautoka offers which is part of its Continuing and Community Education (CCE) and through that we engage with the community to access their need and try to upgrade their standard of living by providing such training.

“Those options are there as well together with all the formal courses offered by the three faculties of USP’s Pacific TAFE courses,” she said.
Chief Guest at the seminar, Acting Commissioner Western, Joji Satakala stressed that as individuals of our country we all need to adhere to the 50th anniversary theme of USP “Shaping Your Future” and try to shape our future to shape the future of our country.

Mr Satakala pointed out that while being totally engaged with our daily work schedule we forget to upgrade our qualifications.
He emphasized that in order to bring a good Fiji tomorrow we all need to continue shaping ourselves by upgrading and upskilling our qualifications.





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