USP Aids in School E-Learning Setup

USP Teaching Staff Krishan Kumar with Divisional Police Commander Western Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Surend Sami

University of the South Pacific Lautoka Campus is now providing technical expertise to secondary schools in the western division to setup their websites and e learning platform.

Lautoka Andhra Sangam College has become the first school to benefit from this technological initiative by the regions premier tertiary education provider.

USP Lautoka Campus’s Teaching Assistant in Computer Science & Information Systems Krishan Kumar is the person behind the setting up of the school website and Moodle on Cloud computing platform. Whilst Mr Kumar provided the technical expertise, USP Lautoka Campus provided the financial support by sponsoring the project.

Divisional Police Commander Western Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Surend Sami officially launched the website and the e learning platform during the Andhra Day celebration of the school on 7th August, 2019.

USP Lautoka Campus Director Dr Pramila Devi informed that this initiative was done as part of USP Lautoka Campus community engagement project.

Dr Devi revealed that USP Lautoka often engages with local communities to up skill and improve their standard of living.

She informed that along with setting up Moodle and updating Website at Lautoka Andhra College the relevant teachers in the school were also trained so they could manage the system themselves.

She emphasized that with continuous technological evolution the e learning platform is becoming imperative in secondary schools now.

“As Higher education institutes are using e-learning and m-learning platform, if schools are also using e-learning then students will have easier transition into university learning and teaching environments.

“E-learning can also assist in the development of 21st century learning skills of students by providing students 21st century learning environment.

“As for schools, teachers can now use more pedagogical approaches assisted by technology and learning materials can also be readily available to students on their phones or laptops,” Devi highlighted.

According to Mr Kumar in the new school website all information regarding the institute will be readily available.

He informed that any parent intending to send their school to LASCO all information such as subject streams, facilities and services provided by the school can be accessed on the website.

He added that the E Learning platform will now ensure that all learning materials from teachers is readily available for the students and also become a assistive tool for the teachers in the learning and teaching methods.

Meanwhile, USP Lautoka Campus is more than willing to provide similar technical assistance to other schools in the division.




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