USP Lautoka Campus Receives Award for Blood Donation

Award: USP Lautoka’s Blood Drive Organising Chairman Upendra Kumar with the 2019 award

The USP Lautoka Campus is the recipient of the award for being the 2nd highest blood donor in the Tertiary Institution category on national level for 2018, while also being declared the leader in the same category for the Western Division.

As usual the award was announced at the World Blood Donor Day celebrations, which was held in Vunidawa District School in Tailevu on 15th June this year (2019).  The award serves to acknowledge the contribution of tertiary institutions in the country towards this life saving course of donating blood collected through their blood drive campaign initiatives.

Ever since it started this campaign in 2011, the Campus has maintained its position as the leading blood donor in the Western Division’s Tertiary category while it has also won in the national level on a number of occasions.

This year, the Campus collected 20 pints of blood from its June drive that can potentially save up to 60 lives.  The drive was held at the forefront of the Campus on Saturday 8th June, 2019.

USP Lautoka Blood Drive Campaign Chairperson Upendra Kumar said it was a successful drive, with a total of 26 donors registering their interest, however due to health reasons, 6 were deemed unfit to donate.

The campaign awareness was created through Vodafone text messages and posters placed around the city.   Kumar said two donors were first-timers and they were convinced to join in this cause after being told of the benefits of donating blood.

“Donating blood is a rewarding experience because you will leave contented knowing you have contributed to an extremely worthy cause,” said Kumar. “Only one pint of blood donation per person has the potential of saving up to three lives which means the more donors we get the more lives we can save.”

Kumar thanked everyone for their generous support including the Western Blood Services team and Lautoka City Council.

Lautoka Campus Director Dr. Pramila Devi said she was pleased to see that people were showing interest in this cause. “I would like to thank our campus Blood Drive Organizing Committee, the staff and students involved in this campaign and other members of the community who turned up at the drive to donate blood,” she said.

“The blood drive campaign is a significant part of USP Lautoka Campus’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and we hope to continue supporting this cause.”


Blood Drive: Campus student Shanil Sharma supporting the course by donating blood
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