Welcoming the New Year with Laughter


It was a colorful atmosphere at the Campus as the Teaching Point of CI@USP Lautoka celebrated Chinese New Year with USP staff and students on 12th February 2018.

Campus Director Dr. Pramila Devi, Student Learning Specialist Ms. Siniva Laupepa, and other USP staff also attended this celebration.

The celebration started with few simple Chinese language learning. Chinese teachers taught everyone present some basic relevant greeting words in Chinese such as Xinnian Kuaile (Happy New Year)Gongxi Facai (Wish You a Prosperous Year) and Xiexie (Thank You). After that, Chinese teachers introduced CI courses, cultural activities, scholarships and HSK test to students who enrolled in Chinese elective and social courses.

Two fun videos were also played during the session of Chinese New Year Introduction. The legend of Nian and 12 Chinese zodiacs aroused interest among USP staff and students. Cecilia Desmond, a student from elective course LL181, thought the description of her zodiac Rat was quite accurate.

The Q&A session was the favorite of everyone. In this session the CI team prepared 30 Red Packets with coins inside for people who answered the questions right. Students showed great excitement during this session and even Dr. Devi raised her hand to answer questions and won a red packet.

At the end of the celebration the participants were offered Chinese traditional food and drinks, including spring rolls, fried wontons, etc. Dr. Devi expressed her appreciation to the teachers of CI@USP Lautoka for their dedicated efforts in bringing about the New Year atmosphere and cultural diversity to USP Lautoka Campus.

CI@USP Lautoka also held a one-week Spring Festival Display in USP Library from Monday to Friday.
Teaching Point of CI@USP Lautoka is devoted to promoting Chinese language and culture in western division of Fiji, combing language and culture in classroom teaching, to meet the needs of local communities.

USP Lautoka wishes everyone a happy Chinese New Year.

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