Campus Scholarship Guidelines

Guidelines for any USP Marshall Islands Campus Student receiving any
form of tuition or other scholarship.

  • Only students who have signed indicating that they have read and agree  with these guidelines will be eligible for scholarship support through the
    USP Marshall Islands Campus.
  • Scholarship support will cover tuition, course materials and texts.
  • Scholarships are awarded with the understanding that the recipient will
    reciprocate their scholarship award to supporting the academic and
    professional development of others in their field.  For example, a teacher
    who has received scholarship for any part of, or all of, their academic
    qualification program (ECE, DECED, B.ED or M.ED) will serve as a
    cooperating teacher or supervisor for other students, without remuneration,
    although transportation and incidental costs will be reimbursed.

MOE Scholarships

  • MOE staff need to obtain written approval from MOE before they
    can be registered under the MOE USP scholarship program.
    This can be in the form of an email to USP indicating the approval.

Penalties for Withdrawal

  • If a student on scholarship withdraws from their course after
    Week 6 of the semester, they will be required to pay for the course.
  • If a student withdraws after the third day of a Flexi School, they
    will be required to pay for the course.

Penalties for Unsuccessful Completion

  • If the student received a D, E, IP or EX grade for any course, they
    will need to pay to meet this requirement before being eligible to
    receive further scholarship.

Applications for Study Leave (full time study)

  • Students wishing to take study leave to attend USP MI Campus
    full time are responsible for making their own application to their
    employer (eg. MOE or PSC).
  • MOE Students granted study leave from PSC to undertake full time
    coursework  or who are granted early release from work to attend
    tutorials, are expected to sign the attendance sheet daily at USP.
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