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Bula and a very warm welcome to the School of Agriculture, Geography, Environment, Ocean and Natural Sciences (SAGEONS). You all know that USP plays a dynamic role in the South Pacific region and SAGEONS is the most prominent part in USP. We at SAGEONS deliver an exemplary education in the area of Agriculture, Geography, Environment, Marine Studies, and Biological and Chemical Sciences. We create an environment that supports competitiveness, creative thinking and innovation and encourages working on innovative projects in order to promote holistic personality development of our students for nurturing them as future leaders in their chosen areas. Our emphasis is on preparing our students to become exceptional leaders in their areas of study for solving real life problems. Wonderful accomplishments and service to the community make us extremely proud of our students. Fortunately, SAGEONS is blessed with highly talented staff members, supportive stakeholders, and loyal alumni who enhance what we provide to our students. Our staff members take preeminence in inspiring and concerned to our students. We have student learning specialists and first year experience coordinator who will ease your transition from secondary school to university life. Our stimulating, encouraging atmosphere and the safe environment make SAGEONS an excellent choice for students. SAGEONS looks forward to welcoming you and wishes you all the best in choosing your desirable career path.

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