CFL participates in Principal’s Information Technology Conference (PITCON), Vanuatu


On 24 August 2020, the annual Principal’s Information Technology Conference (PITCON) was attended by 100+ school administrators (Principals and teachers) at the Malapoa College. The 1-week conference provided a platform for ViewPX (a local NGO focusing on online education) to educate and train the participants on the usage of Moodle and other learning tools. This initiative aims to increase students’ computer literacy and more importantly reduce the ICT transition gap for students who will later pursue higher education at the University of the South Pacific (USP). The Center for Flexible learning representative at Emalus campus, Daryl Abel, was invited to give a presentation on the USP’s COVID-19 experience, highlighting the strategies taken and challenges encountered with online learning via the Moodle learning platform. The conference ended with a consultation session towards the development of an online learning policy for Vanuatu education institutions.

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