Alumni Views

Seema Shandil
Manager Research & Product Development FNPF
Graduated with M.Com in Economics (2011), USP

Obtaining bachelor’s degree and Masters in Economics at USP has been very instrumental in shaping me into who I am today, both personally and professionally. Studying Economics at USP gave me opportunities and exposure that offered me the chance to push myself out of my comfort zone and provided beautiful experiences that brought such inspiring changes in my life. Reflecting back on what I envisioned for myself while enrolled for the Master’s program, I have achieved what I wanted and still use the skills to check where I am now and who I seek to be.

Krishal Prasad
Economist, Reserve Bank of Fiji Manager Research & Product Development FNPF
Graduated with Postgraduate Diploma in Economics (2016), USP

I can proudly say that studying at USP has changed my life both personally and professionally. More important than any single textbook concept or class lesson, what I took away from USP was not only an analytical skill set but more importantly a con_dence in problem solving. The experience and training at School of Economics helped provide clear goals and direction for the rest of my career. It is therefore without a doubt I decided to pursue my Masters of Commerce in Economics at USP as well. I will highly recommend students to choose Economics as a major at USP.

Vaishali Reddy
Analyst, Reserve bank of Fiji
PGDip (2016) & B.Com(2015) in Economics, USP

Obtaining an Economics degree from USP has given me an opportunity to understand the modern world around me. It has provided me with a set of tools to understand important issues in my community, country and world. It has allowed me to mould my own thoughts and opinions and in turn contribute responsibly to discussions. By studying Economics is more than just a subject – it’s a way of thinking. Studying Economics at USP has been very rewarding with knowledgeable staff together with the resources provided.

Steve Aru
Graduate Assistant Economics, USP
Graduated with B.Com Economics (2017), USP

My academic journey of Economics at USP simplifies the way I implement choices even when scarce resources are inevitably growing. Studying Economics in this modern era is crucial because whatever happens in our society is the product of individuals seeking their self-interest; i.e. self-interest promotes social interest. Implying our society today is only as good as the people living in it today, i.e. you and me. Therefore for students who plan to initiate a di­fference in their society, I unquestionably recommend you to undertake Economics study at USP.

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