Economics Student Association

SPESA was formed on 28th of July 2005. It was officially launched by Professor Bill Bhaskara Rao at the Oceania Centre. It is a student-run organization comprising students doing Economics, Official Statistics, Population Studies and Demography courses in the school either as a major, minor or an elective. The association is guided by a Coordinator who is a representative from the School of Economics. The committee is headed by a President with a team of 12-14 members chosen on volunteer basis or through an election process to serve more than 1,000 current students in the school.


The objectives of the Association are to:

  • Initiate and maintain fellowship between USP Economics students.
  • Establish close ties between USPESA, the School of Economics (USP) and Economics Professional bodies.
  • Maintain an appropriate level of professional competence through ongoing development of knowledge and skills of the Economics designations.


It is absolutely FREE to join the association. Membership is extended to all students doings courses offered by School of Economics either as a major, minor or an elective.

ESA Coordinator: Mr. Markand Bhatt

Events Planned for this Year

  1. Volunteer Program.
  2. ESA Debate Shield Challenge Competition.
  3. Staff and student get-together.
  4. Seminar/workshops conducted by USP School of Economics.

For Enquiries, please contact ESA Coordinator on: Mr. Markand Bhatt

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