Student views

Branesh Prakash,
2nd Year BCom Economics, Country: Fiji

I find Economics very rewarding and intellectually stimulating with a perfect balance among theoretical insights and practical applications. Economics equips you with the tools increasingly relied upon in examining local, national, regional and global issues. In my view, if you’re looking for a journey to foster a critical and fresh perspective, be on the cutting edge of solving current real issues and building a profitable career, then Economics is a must!

Falahola Lasalosi,
2nd Year BCom Economics, Country: Tonga

Economics is fun and amazing in general. Even though it doesn’t have field trips or those fun chemical mix but Economics is much more. Economics teaches me to think more logic. It is fun because each principle teaches in Economics applies in real life every day. It helps me to see life in a bigger pictures and makes the best choice in every situation. If choices are wrong in the first place, Economics teaches there’s always has solution. Solution is not always based on causation.

Vaka Seau,
2nd Year BCom Economics, Country: Tonga

I had no doubt that USP was the best place for me to develop critical thinking and analytical skills pertaining to success and development of myself as a person and also of country’s welfare. Studying Economic here at USP has been a very good learning experience that really helped me to become not just knowledgeable future entrepreneur but also a wise investor. The units offered in an Economic major really mold and cultivate the attribute of an effective and efficient economist, politician and an entrepreneur.

Deepa Pillay,
2nd Year BCom Economics, Country: Fiji

I chose Economics as my major because I find it interesting. Economics teaches us how an economy functions and also develop a critical mindset which is necessary for a successful career. I am amazed by USP’s learning environment and cultural & ethnic diversities. I’ve come as far as taking up Economics in USP in the hope of realizing my passion for helping people.

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