PhD Tourism and Hospitality Management Programmes

THM a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Tourism and Hospitality Management. Students interested in progressing from a master’s programme to doctoral studies are advised to contact the Head of School. The Admission and Programme Regulations governing the Doctor of Philosophy appear in USP Handbook and Calendar. Please also browse the USP research and postgraduate website for further information: Research

THM is interested to supervise PhD candidates in the following areas of research:

  • Tourism and Development Challenges in Small Islands States
  • Forms of Sustainable Tourism incl. Ecotourism/Pro-Poor Tourism Community-based Tourism; Tourism and Micro-businesses
  • Indigenous/ Ethnic Minority Tourism; Tourism and Cultural Representations
  • Rise and Impacts of Asian Tourism
  • Gender(ed practices) and Tourism
  • Tourism and Mobilities; Intersections of Tourism and Migration
  • Agritourism (Farm to Table)/Culinary Tourism
  • Tourism Project Planning and Destination Development; Tourism Policy and Planning
  • Tourism Marketing/Destination Branding
  • Change Management in the Hospitality Industry; Crisis Management and Communications
  • Special Events Marketing
  • Online and Distance Leaning Education in the South Pacific region
  • Regional Focus: Pacific, Southeast Asia, Middle East
  • Tourism and Hospitality in the context of Micronesian, Melanesian and Polynesian societies and cultures
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