The School of Tourism & Hospitality (STHM) alumni started meeting on a regular basis in late 2012. The outcome of these meetings led to the development of a constitution which guides the direction of the group. The Association is a non-profit organisation and exists to create opportunities for the STHM alumni while using its collective resources to add value to current students’ personal and professional development and communities where it can.

What has the association done so far?

To date, the association has established an informal chapter in the Western part of Fiji given the large number of alumni who work in tourism-related fields, public sector and non-government organisations. There are plans to establish other chapters in the regional countries. Apart from regular meetings, the AUSP-TAHSA has created a Facebook account and members receive regular updates via email or Facebook. It encourages alumni who have not registered with the association to do so.

Where are they now?

We are proud of our graduates who are making positive impacts within their professions and communities in Fiji and within the South Pacific region. The success of our graduates has also contributed to the School’s growth and reputation for academic excellence.

While we have listed some of our alumni below, we understand that there may be others who would like their achievements noted. Please write to us at All submissions will be considered and take up to 14 days to process.

Cecil Leger

Bachelor of Arts in Tourism & Management/Public Administration (1998)
Manager, Fiji Airways, Samoa.

I was fortunate enough to be a part of the pioneering students of Tourism studies at USP back in the late 90’s. One thing it taught me was humility in the form of job prospects where we were taught by the great Prof David Harrison  to prepare ourselves for the real world where one will not necessarily start from the top and to seize any opportunity  that comes by within the industry and then work your way to the top. To this day, I have always lived by this philosophy and it has definitely prepared me for disappointments and greater things to come.

Joyce Edaosi Konofilia

Bachelor of Arts in Tourism & Management (2007)
Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Solomon Host

Studying Tourism at USP was one of my greatest achievements. Fiji being one of the leading Tourism destinations in the region was ideal for us students in gaining invaluable experience for the world of work and life after study.  The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management also has the best staff who gave us great support to achieve our goals. My main mentor Dr Dawn Gibson is such a valuable figure in my life. So I strongly recommend USP to any student who wants to excel in his her Tourism career.  I did it, you can too!

Parijata Singh

Bachelor of Commerce in Hotel Management (2013)
Training Officer for Hospitality Operations, Pacific TAFE, USP.

Studying at USP was the most exciting and sometimes challenging experience I have had. I was also fortunate enough to get selected for the Student Exchange Programme and went to Victoria University in Melbourne for one Semester, which was indeed the most fun I had. Studying Tourism and Hospitality was very interesting and enjoyable. I got to meet so many different people and travelled to various Resorts and Hotels and leant so such about the industry and what it has to offer. The programmes offered are in line with what the industry expectations are; hence it was not difficult for me when I went for my internship. The experience was great!! I would go back and do it all again if I had to.

Jacinta Lal

Bachelor of Commerce in Hotel Management (2014)
Research and Statistics team, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Fiji.

I have measured my progress from the year I joined STHM in 2010 till I left and undoubtedly in the span of four years I had grown significantly. The greatest contributing factor was the overwhelming support I had by my lectures and tutors (I still do). The relationship I had with the management extended beyond classroom learning to personal development. My fellow colleagues also played a significant role in ensuring my 4 years at the school was successful and till date we continue to network and work together in the Fiji Tourism and Hospitality Industry. Wishing the School, staff and students a successful 2016!

Florence Law

Bachelor of Commerce in Hotel Management (2013)
Marketing & E-Commerce Coordinator, Intercontinental Fiji Resort & Spa

My time with STHM was extremely rewarding and fun – there was always so much to learn and do to support my understanding of the industry.  The application of real events in our assignments and research also developed our analytical skills and emphasized the importance of personal attitudes and hard work – which benefits us out of school.  Tourism is a people’s industry after all.  The other key highlights are all the connections and relationships with fellow students that you start off in school that go on into the hospitality industry.  This is where you learn the basics and start off your network.  Make the most of it and have fun.

Ashal Prasad

Bachelor of Commerce in Hotel Management (2015)
Tourism Analyst, Treasure Island Resort

Bula! I feel ecstatic to have studied at the STHM. The internship, market day, bilibili race, careers fair, graduation ball, cleanup campaign are some fond highlights of my time at USP. Life at STHM was made easy by the best lecturers they have. I can assure that those in the Tourism Studies programme that they are in for a flamboyant career. I am already planing for post grad next semester.

Jurgen Ali-Traill

Bachelor of Commerce in Hotel Management (2015)
Corporate Trainee, Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort & Spa

Figuring out what to study in University was a tough one, but not once in my 4 years did I ever regret studying with the School of Tourism & Hospitality. Not only was the programme I studied interesting, fun and at times difficult, but the lecturers and staff of the tourism school were second to none. It was their unfathomable wealth of knowledge, unlimited patience and wondrous humour that made the experience unforgettable. Ever more so were the experiences I shared with my friends and colleagues that I came to know, work with and create memorable moments with. Everything that I have achieved and will achieve in time to come I owe to them. All in all, I can say that studying at the USP School of Tourism was one of the best choices I ever made.

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