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Bula, it’s Elizabeth Hanghangkon all the way from Port Vila. I graduated in September, 2009 with a BA in Economics and Tourism Studies, which is why I am proud to say that I was a Tourism student. I’m now working at Customs Department. Don’t think any other course at USP was as exciting as Tourism, especially when it comes to fieldtrips, coz that the only time you actually get to interact with the lecturers and other students, which in the end brings out bitter sweet memories.  Other than that, all I can say is this course has really helped me come out of my shell and interact with others. Those of you planning on taking Tourism, I suggest you GO FOR IT coz you won’t regret it, (whispering) even though lecturers tend to give you a hard time during the semester with assignments. But then again it’s all about the learning experience and what you gain from it so that when you join the workforce you’d be able to apply the knowledge gained.  Therefore, I’d like to extend my gratitude to the lecturers, tutors, School of Tourism & Hospitality Management staff and not forgetting the 2007-2009 Tourism students for making my studying experience enjoyable and most of all memorable.  Kind Regard,  Elizabeth Hanghangkon.  Email received Thu 18/11/2010 16:46

Good morning Lorissa,  Just to let you know that I am now working for Vodafone at the position of a VMT Support Officer. Thus, I would like to thank the Tourism Department in getting me where I am today. I majored in Tourism Studies and Management and Public Administration, and a Degree in Management was one of the key factors in getting me my position but the rest was because of my personal attributes which kept improving while I was studying Tourism and taking part in various activities.  For this particular post I was competing with various fresh graduates majoring in accounting, banking and economics and to some extent I was a little intimidated. But my ability to be confident in everything I say, do and believe in got me this job. And I am glad to say that all these traits came through being part of TAHSA (Tourism and Hospitality Student Association). I was a Social Committee Member for TAHSA and in various situations I had to talk to large groups of people and be able to approach just about anybody and that required confidence..  In the beginning even I was hesitant to join TAHSA but when I did, I suddenly discovered that it had a lot more benefits to offer. To be honest. I took a unit with one of the lecturers but she didn’t know who I was until I joined TAHSA. Even as soon as I finished my studies, I was being offered jobs by the department just because I was noticed through TAHSA. So I would encourage students to definitely join up in TAHSA. Take up as many opportunities as you can, with the bilibili race in the second semester and the open day. Gain as much experience as you can. You have nothing to lose just a few more new experiences that will shape you into a better person to be able to face challenges. So once again thank all the staff for me.Have a nice day.  RegardsSheron Subhasni, Graduated April 2010, Email received Wed 21/04/2010 8:41 AM  

Talofa Lorissa,  I am an Organic Associate here at Women in Business and our organisation is working together with the tourism industry and the Agriculture in writing up a proposal to the Prime Minister about promoting our local farmers to the hotel management, so that the local farmers can supply their needs in terms of vegetables and fruits. Hope to hear from you again!  Kind Regards.  Marita Ah Sam of Samoa, email received Fri 09/04/2010 1:31 pm

Bula Dawn & Lorissa  Just to let you know that today (13/4/10) is my last day at Hilton. Am taking one week off and then flying to Sydney on Friday 16/4/10 to join Pac Jewel on Saturday morning 17 April. Overnight accommodation at Mercure Sydney Airport and airfares provided by Carnival.  Thank you for your continuous support and trust. I will be updating you regularly and you can let me know if there’s anything that I can assist you with.  Kind Regards,  Email received from Epeli Drau, 13/04/2010, 1536

Florence Waibuta (graduated with USP with BA, April 2010) is currently working at ECREA (189 Rt Sukuna Rd, Suva, Fiji). It is an Non-Government Organisation and is also continuing her studies in Postgraduate Diploma in Development Studies, at USP.
Email received from Florence Waibuta, Mon 12/04/2010,

Hi  Lorissa, it’s me Karldon, just want to drop in to say hi….   I have just worked for a month now at the Department of Cooperatives and Ni-Vanuatu Business Development Services as Senior Cooperative Business Development Officer (SCBDO).  My job description requires a lot of marketing and business plan for local business for loans application. other than that, we also did a lot of auditing for registered cooperatives societies in Vanuatu and providing consultation to Ni-Vanuatu business.  The Job is so exciting and challenging, but I really love it because it proves a lot of opportunities.  My sincere thanks to the Tourism Department for the wealth of knowledge I have gained. Without you guys I believe I would not come this far, for this senior position.  Once again thanks to you all, my Tourism lecturers, tutors and the department in a way.  May God Bless you all.  Kind regards.   Karldon Sam, Email received Tue 23/03/2010 12:34 PM

Hem Chand, a BA in Tourism & Hospitality graduate called today to inform us that he had been recruited by Tanoa Group of Hotels to join their Corporate Management trainee scheme which they advertised some months back.  Lorissa told him that we are all proud of him and wished him well.  He said he would keep in touch.  Cheers,  Email received Wed, 10/02/2010 1427

Happy New Year to You!!  Just like to drop by and say hello.  I really like my work at InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa.  I believe that the activities organize by the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management is very effective and helpful that enables me to qualify to a good job that I am in right now.  I wish each and every one of you in the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management a fruitful year with the guidance from the above Lord Jesus Christ.  May this good Lord continue His blessing on You and the school as a whole.  I would also like to extend my best wishes to my young brothers and sisters who will be continuing with their Tourism and Hospitality Management courses this year.  Once again, ‘Vinaka Vakalevu’.  With regards,  Salanieta Seavula. Student Id: S11030532; Graduated USP, with BA, April 2010, Email received Wed, 10/02/2010 12:37 PM

HELLO OLKETA…Thumbs up to the USP Tourism Department for its contribution in helping me have a job. To my Prof. David Harrison; my Lecturers Marika and Pasirio; and admin assist. Lorissa; TAGIO TUMAS !!! Having my second major in TS is no regret but a profit. Given those opportunities during my 2 years (2007 – 08) at Laucala, which we practised standing upfront for group presentations; part-taking in fieldtrip activities and interactions with multi-racial people have had added a bonus toward my job, working as a chief human resource development officer in my country’s Public Service. My understanding on sustainable tourism and tourism in less developed countries has helped me to work sustainably with scarce resources I have or administer, not 4getting those learned lessons on environmental sustainability and conduciveness for economic growth, etc. Besides, I am currently helping my indigenous WANTOKS see the importance of sustainable tourism (Eco-Tourism) – something they embrace and start to take initiatives in its development. If anything to take pride of, it’s the knowledge, skills and professionalism that tourism studies taught me. TS, continue developing and extending your scope because professionally you are productive … Great time and hope to study with you again…Kind Regards,  Joseph S. Bibiasi (Mr.), BA (MPS/TS), ID: S02005290, Studies started: semester 1,2004, Graduated: semester 2, 2009, Email received Wed, 20/01/2010 1830

BULA FROM PACIFIC JEWEL  Bula!  Wow I can’t believe I’m actually here and it is all thanks to the Tourism Department and especially you guys! I am really sorry that I did not come around to say Goodbye and Thanks for arranging this job for me but honestly I can’t remember the past month as it all seems to be a blur! But from deep down I want to THANK YOU ALL because you all have made my dreams come true … well I mean you have given me my dream job and I will be forever grateful! I promise to make the Tourism Department proud so that there will be more recruitment as I believe the Fijian culture will be well suited here!    We are on our first cruise … our maiden voyage … and work has really been stressful but I am enjoying it as I am learning alot of things! Its also amazing to work with all these different cultures as there are Italians, British and Kiwis on-board and its great learning new things and making new friends! Also amazing enough I met the Governor General of Australia at the official launch of Pacific Jewel as I was chosen to present her with the flowers … that was a great moment and I will send the photos as soon as I receive them!   The Fiji group are all good and Yvette and I were lucky enough to be placed together and share one cabin with Bijeta in the cabin next to ours.  The people here are very friendly and we have not had any problems yet! We are all a bit homesick but are so busy with work that its not that bad!   Anyway I just wanted to say Thank you once again and update you on what is happening here.  I will try my very best to update you and let you know how everyone here is coping!  Hope you and your families have an enjoyable xmas and an incredible New Years!  Megan Ruby Emberson (graduated from USP with BA in 2009).  P.S. Please send this to Api, Dr. Harrison and Marika…Thanks  Email received 17/12/2009 1216

Bula Everyone,  My Name is Reapi Vualiku.  I’m a Tourism Student.  Right Now I work for Telesource Fiji Limited. USA Company. Tourism is Fun. You will never Regret Taking that Course, ’cause I never Did.  It’s a place where you Feel at home, where you will find friends and they will be your friends for life.  Doing this Course gave me confidence in Life that is why I was able to get this Job because of my personality which tourism help me to expose myself.  To be honest I still miss it.  Tourism is Never Boring … SMILE … enjoy every minute … SMILE.  Best Regards, Reapi, Student ID: S11011991; started in Semester 2 2004 and graduated on 09/04/2009 with BA (TS/MG), Email received Thu 19/11/2009 1935


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