About STHM

Our Vision

The Discipline of Tourism and Hospitality Management aims to excel as a globally accomplished centre of expertise in tourism and hospitality management, maintaining a distinguished profile in education, training, professional practice and research.

Our Mission

The mission of the Discipline is four-fold:

To equip students and trainees with the necessary professional skills and academic knowledge to be accomplished practitioners and scholars.

To produce high quality research and publication outputs which specialize in advancing the constructive role of tourism and hospitality in the development of the Pacific region, and other regions and locales.

To provide professional expertise and advice concerning the management and development of the tourism and hospitality industries, as well as sustaining a productive relationship with industry stakeholders.

To foster knowledge and skills in the ethical use of tourism and hospitality resources, and to centralize innovation and entrepreneurship as core objectives of the work of the Discipline.

STHM is one of the best providers of tourism and hospitality education in the South Pacific and an international model for innovative teaching and research. Through classroom instruction, experiential learning and executive education, we prepare talented professionals and scholars for rewarding careers. Our comprehensive programmes and dedication to research, led by accomplished faculty, are among the region’s best.

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